RECORDING SESSIONS AT CHATEAU SAZZ - DAY 1, 8.18.13 (A Toyota's Worth of Baggage)

Spent the better part of Saturday packing - music equipment, clothes, food.  Remembered everything (a miracle, since the car was packed!) save the frozen bananas for raw smoothies (isn't it always that way?).  Still, amazing day. Full of appreciation.  Peaceful drive north beginning at 1.30 with gratitude calls along the way.  Arrived in New Paltz area at 3.30 or so.  Pit stop @ Karma Road for a banana-walnut muffin and a quick spin around town before arriving onsite (the meandering roads up here are dynamic and magnificent!).  

BTW, The Chateau is a quaint country cottage in the heart of the Wallkill sticks.  Nothin' but damn crickets! (Thx, Sazz!)

Unloaded the ol' Toyota and immediately set up.  Put aside time for the slight learning curve in getting acquainted with the new 24 track.  In an hour or so, was up and running. Recorded most of a song called I've Got You, complete with acoutic guitar, bass and dry Univibed Jazzmaster electric.  Rounded out the evening with some raw herbed sunflower seed pate, a raw green smoothie and yeah, some of that fat muffin! 

Will commence tomorrow for a full Monday's worth of sonic goodness.  Stay tuned!

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