RECORDING SESSIONS AT CHATEAU SAZZ - DAY 3, 8.20.13 (Bike Wheels On A Gravel Road)

I'm writing this missive overlooking a big clear moon and enjoying a symphony of crickets.  Ah!

Surrendering fully this morning, I decided to take a little R&R and unmount the pressure.  Headed into town for breakfast and light errands, then onto The Barn to see if I could procure a free loaner bike (this area is so radically cool!).  Once mounted, hit the Walkill Valley Rail Trail and headed due north.  Bridges, farms, and endless green layers lined the wooded trail as my path crossed with many friendly faces and well wishes (have I expressed how ultra cool this area is?).  Mental note: finish school + internship and explore places to live and work 'round these parts. Expressed much gratitude for my good fortune and in time, headed back. There was work to do.

Arrived late afternoon and was fully rested and spirited.  Fired up the 24 track and within a few hours finished (seemingly) all acoustic guitar parts for every song, including a finger-pickin', country-lickin' instrumental theme ditty (last time - this area is sooooo cool!).  More on that later.  As for tomorrow, the amplifier hums...

What (mis)adventures will our hero get on Day 4?  Stay tuned...


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