RECORDING SESSIONS AT CHATEAU SAZZ - DAY 4, 8.21.13 (It's Lonely Out In Space)

Space can be lonely, but loneliness ignites and permeates from within.   It is born of ego.  Only spirit is refuge.  From spirit blossoms all things virtuous - love, peace, creativity, selflessness, service.  It is not virtuous to suffer.  Suffering is optional.

This is what I learned today.

So, I fed my spirit with some guitar playing and a bit of track recording, a bike ride in nature, raw foods and a sunset hike over a majestic lake.   And enjoying the usual nighttime cricket symphony.  Mmm...

Self-care is the first item on the menu.

Heading back tomorrow.  Will miss the Sticks and the magic it spins.  So grateful.


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