Allan (Day) Chapman (with guest drummer Jeff Dennard) performing his self-penned How Do You Feel, Sidewalk Cafe, NYC, 9.14.13.
Washington Square Strays (with Allan (Day) Chapman) performing
Walk In My Shadow, The Red LionNYC, 5.06
Mystical Kirtan (with Allan (Day) Chapman - vocals & percussion) performing Asatoma, December 2014.
 Allan (Day) Chapman performing his self-penned Die,
Nola Studios, NYC, April 2011

Over the course of two years, starting out as an informal songwriting circle, the group who would become The Electric Friends, with the guidance of leader Allan Day, wrote, recorded, released and performed their own songs at venues around the NY-NJ Metropolitan area. These are highlights of the recording sessions, rehearsals and their live debut.